How to makeup face in the most effective way?


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some other important dimensions of looking beautiful which must be given due significance if one wants to look dolled up most of the times.How to makeup face is actually an artistic field which focuses on making one look younger, brighter and prettier. The materials of the world are very exciting and inviting for humans and everyone wants to taste the good things in life and enjoy life as such. Be it the high fashion statements clothes in the upscale market or the best in line shoes and accessories, one wants the best for himself and herself.

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Some helpful tips to how to makeup face 

  1. People with a naturally flawless skin and bright complexion do not need to make up their face at all times of a day. They can do well with just little makeup because they do not want any coverage for the marks and flaws on their face. The main step of how to makeupface is to create the perfect base on the face. Since all the makeup elements will come later on, the base that is prepared on the face is of utter importance. It should be such that pigmented areas and blemishes and other marks should be given proper coverage with the use of foundation, compact powders and concealer.
  2. It is best to use finger tips to put the foundation on the face and then rub them into uniformity. It is advised to never put foundation or concealer on the eyelids as they cause eyemakeup to crease. As far as compact powders are concerned, they should be first put on the T zone of the face, followed by other face areas. When the base is done, one can put the bronzer or the blush on the face to take it up one level up. Blush should be put on the apple of the cheek with an upward motion.
  3. The next step in how to makeup face is to do up the eyes which involve putting the eyeliner first. For this look close into the mirror and facing up, put the eyeliner. Then one can put the shade of eye shadow closest to the skin. Give the second coat by blending in the darker shade now. Lastly, do up a little eyebrow pencil for a sharper look followed by the mascara. The best way to do this is to go slowly an firmly with the mascara strokes on the lashes.
  4. Last is the cherry on the cake which is to put the perfect shade of lipstick on the lips. One must use a firm hand on the lips and not go too defined on the curve on top of the lip. Now, take the lipstick all the way out to the inner corners of the mouth.


Looking pretty and attractive has many aspects to it and how to makeup face is just as important as other material aspects.



Purple Lipstick and Purple Lip Gloss

Lipstick is a well known cosmetic which is used by used by almost all women in the world. Lipstick is made up of waxy substance with colors in it. A lipstick is available in different colors. Purple color lipsticks are found to be the new trend in fashion. A lip gloss is a transparent material that gives glossy effect to your lips. It is a clear substance that shines when it is applied over the lips. A purple lip gloss gives a faint shade of purple with a glossy effect on the lips.

Generally lip gloss is most commonly used than lipstick. Lip gloss puts a glassy layer over the nude lips. Purple lip gloss has a tint of purple and thus it gives a sheer color of purple shade on your nude lips, whereas a purple lipstick would color your lips with waxy purple shade over your nude lips. Purple lip gloss would make your lips transparent so that any one can see your lips with a faint purple shade on it. Purple Lipstick leaves pigments of purple which does not stain on your lips. Purple Lipstick and purple lip gloss can easily be removed with the help of a tissue.



Purple Lipstick has the purple color pigment that seeps into your lip skin and thus the purple color remains on your lips for a long time. This is the same as incase of lip gloss. The purple lip gloss doesn’t stay for a long period than a purple lipstick. A purple lipstick provides a long lasting color on your lips whereas a purple lip gloss will not stay for much longer period. A purple lip gloss is available in different forms. Some of the forms of purple lip gloss include creams, gel and sticks. Sticks are the most popular when it comes for lip gloss. Purple lipstick includes lots of moisturizing agents and added vitamins.

Purple lipstick can also provide a protection to your lips from harmful rays emitted by the sun. This is because it contains an ingredient called sun block which blocks the harmful rays. Applying cream lipsticks will give some benefits as it has ultra moisturizing agent in it. It can be messy to use if it not applied carefully. The modern alternative for lipstick is lip gloss. Purple lip gloss has a good value in the market. The lip gloss does not contain any harmful substance and it is made up of less chemicals. Purple lip gloss is made up of petroleum jelly, purple flavor and some good amount of wax in it. The present generation purple lip gloss does not contain pigments even in small trace. If you are just looking for the color with the glossy effect then purple lip gloss would be the best choice.

The purple lip gloss is available in three different forms. The three different forms include gel, pots, cream gloss. These three different forms are also available with purple color so that you can choose the best type you want for your lip.